1. Overview

With Penny Auction, users will be able to sell their products by posting bidding products (goods or services) on Website. Others will buy these products by bidding, and then these goods/services will be finally sold to the highest bidder or to the one who is willing to pay at the buyout price.

As an admin of the site, you will easily earn money by charging publishing fee, featuring fee, selling bid packages.
The following is a chart of an auction status. It has 4 typical points (Created Time, Display Time, Start Time and End Time). Auctions’ status is different among periods of time.

2. User Roles in Penny Auction

a.       Guest

Guest is non-registered user. They are able to view/search auctions and get help.


b.      Member

Member is registered user. They inherit functions from Guests and are able to add finance account, rate/comment/like auctions, buy Bids, edit account information and view transaction history/sold items summary.


c.       Seller

Seller inherits function from Member and is able to post new auction, manage their posted auctions. Seller must have a Paypal account to pay for posting (publishing) fee and auction fee. Auction fee includes highlight, bold, italic and display image.


d.      Bidder

Bidder inherits function from Member and is able to view auctions on Participate Auctions page, manage winning auctions.


e.      Admin

Admin inherits function from other users and manage back-end.